Who Controls Actress Brittany Murphy’s Estate?

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POSTED ON: February 15, 2023
Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy’s brother has revealed new details about who’s been in control of the late actress’s multimillion-dollar estate — while continuing to claim that she was murdered.

Tony Bertolotti has contended that his half-sister Brittany Murphy was murdered 13 years ago — and added in a recent interview that he has no idea who has the “Clueless” star’s $10 million fortune.

New York Post’s recent article entitled “Brittany Murphy’s brother reveals who controls her estate — while insisting she was murdered” reports that he did say he does now know who’s been controlling her estate: her mother Sharon, a journalist and Murphy’s doctor. They’ve been overseeing it in a private trust, and neither its contents nor expenditures have been made public.

“The estate was left to Sharon, an editor of a major Hollywood newspaper — he was on the paperwork for her estate — and also a diabetes doctor from Miami she was seeing,” Bertolotti explained. “Those were the controlling names on the estate.”

Bertolotti didn’t name the newspaper editor, and it’s unclear how he knew Murphy. He claimed that family members have been trying to get details about Murphy’s estate but haven’t been successful.

At the time of her death, the actress was married to Simon Monjack, a British screenwriter with money issues and legal woes. Reports at the time said Monjack had been written out of her will. Bertolotti has claimed that Murphy’s death had something to do with her money.

A coroner report said Murphy died in 2009 from pneumonia that was worsened by anemia and prescription drug abuse.

“There’s no way that she died of natural causes. It’s impossible. It’s bulls–t, total crap,” said Bertolotti, who has the same father as Murphy. “It was obvious to me, she was taken out.”

Monjack died five months after his wife, and the coroner said pneumonia and the anemia were also the cause. A toxicity report was completed on Murphy after her death and it showed “impurities in her blood, including arsenic.” She was found passed out on the bathroom floor by her mother, and Monjack said he brought her into the shower to try to revive her.

“Why did they put her in a hot shower? That’s how you get the temperature up,” the half-sibling said.

“I just pray for my sister to rest in peace,” Bertolotti added.

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